“The Unbreakable Career of Tyson Kidd: From Wrestling Stardom to Tragic Injury” 

 March 16, 2023


Tyson Kidd, also known as Theodore James Wilson, is a Canadian retired professional wrestler. He started his career as a teenager and pursued his passion for wrestling with determination and hard work. He spent years fighting his way up the wrestling ladder until he finally got the recognition he deserved. However, his wrestling career was cut short due to a tragic injury that nearly cost him his life. Despite the severe injury, Tyson Kidd remained unbreakable, and he carried on his career in the wrestling industry in a different capacity. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the unbreakable career of Tyson Kidd, from his wrestling stardom to the tragic injury that almost ended his career.

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Section 1: Early Life and Career of Tyson Kidd

Tyson Kidd was born on July 11, 1980, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He comes from a family that has a rich wrestling history. His father, grandfather, and uncles were all professional wrestlers. This exposure to wrestling inspired Tyson Kidd to pursue a career in the same field. He began training at an early age at the Hart Dungeon, which was run by his family member, Stu Hart. Tyson Kidd made his wrestling debut at the age of 15, and he spent the next few years competing in various local wrestling promotions across Canada.

Section 2: Joining the WWE

In 2006, Tyson Kidd signed with WWE and joined its developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling. He spent a few years learning the ropes of the WWE and getting valuable experience. Tyson Kidd made his WWE debut in 2009 as part of the ECW brand. He spent the next few years competing in various WWE brands, including NXT, SmackDown, and Raw. Tyson Kidd had several tag team partnerships, which showcased his excellent wrestling skills and made him a fan favorite.

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Section 3: The Hart Dynasty

In 2010, Tyson Kidd formed a tag team called The Hart Dynasty with David Hart Smith and Natalya. The trio won the unified WWE Tag Team Championships in August 2010, which was a significant accomplishment for Tyson Kidd. The Hart Dynasty continued to make a name for themselves as a formidable tag team in the WWE. However, the team disbanded in 2011, and Tyson Kidd went on to pursue a singles career.

Section 4: The Injury

In 2015, Tyson Kidd suffered a life-threatening injury during a match against Samoa Joe. He suffered a spinal cord injury, which required urgent surgery to save his life. Doctors gave him a 5% chance of living, let alone walking again. However, Tyson Kidd defied the odds and showed remarkable resilience and determination during his recovery. The injury ended his wrestling career, and he was forced to retire prematurely.

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Section 5: Life After Wrestling

Despite not being able to wrestle again, Tyson Kidd continued to work in the wrestling industry. He became a producer for WWE and helped train other wrestlers. He also became a commentator for various wrestling events, which allowed him to stay connected to the world of wrestling.

Section 6: Personal Life

Tyson Kidd is married to fellow WWE wrestler, Natalya. The couple got married in 2013 and has been together ever since. They are a power couple in the wrestling industry and support each other’s careers.

Section 7: FAQs

Q1: What was Tyson Kidd’s most significant achievement in wrestling?
A: Tyson Kidd’s most significant achievement was winning the unified WWE Tag Team Championships in August 2010 as part of The Hart Dynasty.

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Q2: How was Tyson Kidd related to Stu Hart?
A: Tyson Kidd was Stu Hart’s nephew.

Q3: What was Tyson Kidd’s injury?
A: Tyson Kidd suffered a spinal cord injury during a match against Samoa Joe in 2015.

Q4: Did Tyson Kidd fully recover from his injury?
A: Tyson Kidd’s injury ended his wrestling career, but he defied the odds and made a remarkable recovery. He is now able to walk and live a normal life.

Q5: What is Tyson Kidd’s current role in the wrestling industry?
A: Tyson Kidd is a producer for WWE and helps train other wrestlers. He is also a commentator for various wrestling events.

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Q6: Who is Tyson Kidd’s wife?
A: Tyson Kidd’s wife is fellow WWE wrestler, Natalya.

Q7: What made Tyson Kidd such a popular wrestler?
A: Tyson Kidd’s excellent wrestling skills, his resilience, and his determination made him a popular wrestler among the fans.


The unbreakable career of Tyson Kidd is a testament to his passion and hard work. He overcame significant challenges to make a name for himself in the wrestling industry. Even after his injury, he continued to remain active and involved in the wrestling industry, showing his love for the sport. Tyson Kidd is an inspiration to all those who have a dream and are willing to work hard to achieve it.

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