“The Rise of Andrew Desjardins: From Undrafted to NHL Success” 

 April 23, 2023

The Rise of Andrew Desjardins: From Undrafted to NHL Success

It is every hockey player’s dream to make it to the NHL. But not every player has the same path to success. Andrew Desjardins is a perfect example of this. He was undrafted in the NHL and, despite some challenges, he managed to become an NHL player and even win a Stanley Cup. In this post, we will tell you Andrew Desjardins’ story in a storytelling approach.


Andrew Desjardins was born on July 27, 1986, in Lively, Ontario, Canada. Desjardins played for the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League, but he went undrafted. With no NHL teams interested in signing him, Desjardins had to take a different route to make it to the NHL. In 2008, he signed an AHL contract with the Worcester Sharks, San Jose Sharks’ AHL affiliate.

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Section 1: Andrew Desjardins’ Early Days in the AHL

At the beginning of his AHL career, Desjardins had trouble finding a spot on the lineup. However, he remained dedicated to improving his game. He worked hard in practice and kept himself in great physical shape. His perseverance paid off when he finally got his chance to play in a game.

Desjardins impressed the coaching staff with his hard work and dedication, earning himself a permanent spot on the Worcester Sharks’ lineup. He was able to showcase his skills in both the offensive and defensive zones, getting points while also playing a solid two-way game.

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Section 2: Andrew Desjardins’ NHL Debut

In 2010, the San Jose Sharks promoted him to the NHL. Desjardins had been a dependable member of San Jose’s AHL affiliate for two seasons, and he was rewarded with a call-up in December. On December 15th, 2010, he made his debut for the Sharks against the Phoenix Coyotes.

While Desjardins did not get any points in his first game, he showed that he could contribute in other ways. He played a hard-nosed game and was a physical presence on the ice. He also won important face-offs and was effective on the penalty kill.

Section 3: Andrew Desjardins’ Rise in the NHL

Desjardins proved to be a valuable asset to the Sharks. He played in 45 regular-season games for the Sharks in 2011-12, scoring 3 goals and 4 assists. He also played in 17 playoff games that year, helping the Sharks reach the Western Conference Finals.

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In the 2012-13 season, Desjardins continued to make a name for himself in the NHL. He played in all 48 regular-season games, scoring 6 goals and 2 assists. He also played in all 11 playoff games that season, showing that he was a valuable member of the Sharks’ lineup.

Section 4: Andrew Desjardins’ Stanley Cup Victory

Desjardins’ hard work and dedication paid off when he joined the Chicago Blackhawks in the 2015-16 season. That year, he helped the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup.

Desjardins played in 49 regular-season games for the Blackhawks, scoring 2 goals and 2 assists. He also played in 6 playoff games that year, contributing with his physical play and face-off abilities.

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Section 5: Andrew Desjardins’ Future in the NHL

While Desjardins’ future in the NHL is uncertain, it is clear that he has made a name for himself in the league. Throughout his NHL career, Desjardins has been known for his hard work, physical play, and strong face-off abilities. These are skills that are valued in any NHL lineup, and it is possible that Desjardins could continue his NHL career for a few more seasons.

Section 6: FAQs

1. How did Andrew Desjardins make it to the NHL?

Andrew Desjardins went undrafted in the NHL. However, he signed an AHL contract with the Worcester Sharks, and his hard work and dedication earned him a spot on the Sharks’ lineup.

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2. What is Andrew Desjardins’ playing style?

Andrew Desjardins is known for his hard-nosed, physical play. He is also strong on the face-off dot and can contribute offensively.

3. Did Andrew Desjardins ever win a Stanley Cup?

Yes, Andrew Desjardins won a Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks in the 2015-16 season.

4. Is Andrew Desjardins still playing in the NHL?

Andrew Desjardins is not currently on an NHL roster.

5. What teams did Andrew Desjardins play for in the NHL?

Andrew Desjardins played for the San Jose Sharks and the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL.

6. How many games did Andrew Desjardins play in the NHL?

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Andrew Desjardins played in 401 regular-season games and 65 playoff games in the NHL.

7. What awards has Andrew Desjardins won?

Andrew Desjardins has not won any major awards in the NHL.

Section 7: Conclusion

Andrew Desjardins’ story is one of hard work and dedication. Despite not being drafted in the NHL, he never gave up on his dream of playing in the league. Through his perseverance and skills, he managed to become a valuable player on several NHL teams. While his future in the NHL is uncertain, his journey is an inspiration to anyone who is pursuing their dreams.


If you are a hockey player, take inspiration from Andrew Desjardins’ story. Work hard and never give up on your dreams. Remember that success takes time, perseverance, and dedication.

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