“The Mesmerizing Music Journey of Sara Storer: From Country Roots to National Fame” 

 June 9, 2023


Music has the power to convey stories, emotions, and cultural heritage. Countries like Australia have a rich musical history, and one artist who has contributed to it is Sara Storer. She is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who has made a massive impact in the Australian music industry. Her songs are not only entertaining, but they also tell stories of rural Australia, making her one of the most relatable and respected country singers in the country. In this blog post, we will take a fascinating journey through Sara Storer’s life, exploring how she became one of Australia’s most beloved singers.

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Sara Storer’s Early Life

Sara Storer was born in 1973 in Wemen, Victoria. Her parents were cotton farmers, and she grew up helping them on the farm. Growing up, Storer was influenced by her parents’ love for country music. Her parents used to play Mum and Dad’s Records, and she developed a love for country music from an early age. She started playing the guitar when she was just twelve years old and began writing songs when she was in her twenties. Storer’s early life experiences and musical influences deeply inspired her, and she would go on to create some of Australia’s most iconic country music.

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Storer’s Music Career

Sara Storer released her debut album titled “Chasing Buffalo” in 2000, which quickly became a hit. It earned her a Golden Guitar award, which is the most prestigious country music award in Australia. Since then, Storer has released eight more albums. Her music celebrates rural Australia and captures the essence of the country. She has written songs that address land rights, risk factors, working-class Australians and the beauty of the Australian bush. Her unique perspectives, along with incredible vocal range and songwriting talent, have garnered her multiple accolades, including 21 Golden Guitar awards.

Collaboration with John Williamson

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In 2005, Sara Storer teamed up with one of Australia’s best-known country singers, John Williamson, to record the album “The Great Australian Salute.” The album featured patriotic songs about Australia and its people. The collaboration between these two iconic singers was a massive success, and they performed music that they created together all over the country. In 2021 fans were delighted to learn that Storer and Williamson were in the studio working on another album.

Storer’s Personal Life

Sara Storer is a wife and a mother of three children, Ruby, Harry, and EJ. She takes pride in being a devoted mother and a family person. One of the things that make her stand out from other country singers is her independence. She doesn’t rely too heavily on her husband, as he is an often on the road truck driver. There is a sense of authenticity about her music, the stories she shares, and the way she presents herself.

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Storer’s Legacy

Sara Storer’s music has had a massive impact on the Australian music industry and the country itself. Her songs have helped to preserve the history and culture of rural Australia, which is so important in the country’s identity. She is a role model for many Australians, inspiring young people not only to pursue music, but to live with integrity and to celebrate their heritage. Furthermore, her musical legacy continues to inspire the younger generation of artists, which is a testament to her talent and an assurance that her music will continue to live on for generations.


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1. Who inspired Sara Storer’s love for country music?

Storer’s parents listened to country music, where she picked up the love for the genre and started playing guitars at an early age.

2. How many albums has Sara Storer released?

Sara Storer has released nine albums.

3. What award did Storer win for her debut album “Chasing Buffalo”?

Storer’s “Chasing Buffalo” earned her a Golden Guitar award.

4. Which successful collaboration did Storer have in 2005?

Sara Storer teamed up with John Williamson, and together they recorded “The Great Australian Salute.”

5. What message does Storer’s music convey?

Sara Storer’s music tells stories of rural Australia while celebrating the culture of the people who live there.

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6. What award shows have nominated Sara Storer?

Sara Storer has been nominated for 44 awards, which include ARIA Awards, CMAA Golden Guitars, and APRA Awards.

7. What is Storer’s legacy and impact on Australian music?

Her music has helped to preserve the history and culture of rural Australia, which is so important in the country’s identity.


Sara Storer’s life journey is a mesmerizing one, full of hard work, dedication, and heart-warming stories. Storer’s music has resonated with Australians across generations, celebrating the history and culture of rural Australia. She has won numerous prestigious awards, collaborated with some of the best Australian country singers, and won the hearts of many with her unique voice and songwriting talent. She is an inspiration to many, and her music will be listened to and treasured for generations to come. It’s no wonder that she remains one of Australia’s most beloved country singers.

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