“The Incredible Career of Rico Petrocelli: From the Boston Red Sox to Entrepreneurship” 

 April 23, 2023


Rico Petrocelli is a former major league baseball player and entrepreneur who played for the Boston Red Sox for 13 seasons. He was born on June 27, 1943, in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in California. In 1963, Rico signed his first professional contract with the Red Sox and played his first game for them in 1965. His career in baseball spanned from 1965 to 1976, during which he became a two-time All-Star and Gold Glove winner. After retiring from baseball, Rico went on to become a successful entrepreneur and businessman, specializing in developing and selling real estate.

The Early Years:

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As a young boy, Rico Petrocelli was passionate about baseball and dreamed of playing in the major leagues. He spent many hours practicing and honing his skills, often playing alongside his older brother at the local baseball diamond. In high school, Rico was a standout athlete, excelling in both baseball and football. He was named the Most Valuable Player of his high school baseball team and was offered a full scholarship to play football at the University of Southern California.

The Baseball Career:

In 1963, Rico was drafted by the Boston Red Sox and signed his first professional contract with them. He played his first game for the Red Sox in 1965, and quickly established himself as a reliable and talented player. Rico was a versatile player, able to play both shortstop and third base with equal effectiveness. He was known for his powerful arm and solid defensive skills, which earned him a spot on the American League All-Star team in 1967 and 1969. He also won a Gold Glove award in 1969 for his outstanding defensive performance.

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Post Baseball Career:

After retiring from baseball in 1976, Rico Petrocelli went into business. He started out by buying and selling real estate, and quickly gained a reputation as a savvy and successful businessman. Over the years, he developed a keen eye for spotting potential in properties and turning them into profitable ventures. He also became involved in the development of residential properties, and was responsible for the creation of several high-end housing developments in Massachusetts.

Rico Petrocelli Baseball Camp:

Rico Petrocelli is not only remembered for his incredible baseball career and business acumen but also for his advocacy for youth baseball. He established the Rico Petrocelli Baseball Camp in Massachusetts in 1977, a place where young players could learn the fundamentals of the game and develop their skills and love for baseball. The camp became a popular summer destination for young players from throughout the country, and many went on to have successful careers in baseball.

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Rico Petrocelli Today:

Today, Rico Petrocelli is retired but remains active in the baseball world. He is a regular at Boston Red Sox games and is often seen around Fenway Park, interacting with fans and signing autographs. He is also involved in the occasional charity event and continues to promote the importance of youth sports and baseball.


Q1. What position did Rico Petrocelli play in baseball?
Answer: Rico Petrocelli played both shortstop and third base during his career in baseball.

Q2. What awards did Rico Petrocelli win during his baseball career?
Answer: Rico Petrocelli won two Gold Glove awards and was selected for the American League All-Star team twice.

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Q3. When did Rico Petrocelli retire from baseball?
Answer: Rico Petrocelli retired from baseball in 1976.

Q4. What kind of business did Rico Petrocelli get into after retiring from baseball?
Answer: Rico Petrocelli got into the real estate business after retiring from baseball.

Q5. When did Rico Petrocelli establish the baseball camp for youth?
Answer: Rico Petrocelli established the baseball camp for youth in Massachusetts in 1977.

Q6. Is Rico Petrocelli still active in the baseball world?
Answer: Yes, Rico Petrocelli is retired but remains active in the baseball world.

Q7. What does Rico Petrocelli promote today?
Answer: Today, Rico Petrocelli is a big advocate for youth sports and baseball.

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Rico Petrocelli is an incredible example of a successful sports figure who transitioned into the world of business and entrepreneurship. His career in baseball spanned over a decade and his accomplishments on the field will forever be remembered. His entrepreneurial ventures prove that he is not just a great athlete, but also a shrewd and successful businessman. His commitment to youth baseball is something that will continue to inspire future generations. Rico Petrocelli, a true legend of baseball, continues to leave a lasting legacy in the sport he loves.


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