Riveting lighting ideas to embrace Spring this year 

 April 27, 2022


Spring is a season that brings unparalleled freshness with it and it gives us a not-so-subtle signal to welcome crisp colours into our decor. Spring symbolizes a fresh start and that is exactly what your decor should reflect in this beautiful season. This season gives you the best chance to play with your vivid ideas and throw in as much colour as you want to in the equation and personalize and personify your home like never before.

The best way to embrace spring is to instil bright colours into your homes and play around with as many ideas as you can for your outdoor space. The outdoor space becomes the life of the house with the spring season around and lighting up that particular space makes your experience with this season quite worthwhile. But again, there’s something most people get wrong in springtime decor and that is forgetting to keep the lighting designs light. You have to avoid keeping the lights loud at all costs. But don’t sweat it out, as we have your back in figuring out your perfect spring decor.

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For the indoors

For your interior decor, it’s all about keeping it fresh. Since we’re keeping the tone of the living space subtle, you can go ahead with lighting fixtures flaunting glass, metal, or any light elements like cane, fabric and so on. But even with these elements, it’s important to give the colour palette enough attention.

When you’re out there to buy a lighting fixture with glass, don’t come back home with a plush crystal chandelier, pendant light or a ceiling light as it may be too loud for the space. Instead, go for something like a single-shade glass pendant light that disperses light aptly to every nook and cranny of your room. Glass fixtures have a distinct presence and can lend their charming aura to your space with ease.

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For the outdoors

For your outdoor spaces, there are practically no limitations in terms of the designs you choose. You can go all out with the lighting designs be it string lights, concealed lighting, pendants or ambient lighting designs like table lamps or floor lamps. But there are a few areas that you have to cover at all costs. And that includes your pathways and your seating area. Because lighting not only accentuates the look and feel of these two areas but also adds an exceptional functionality quotient to the space.

For your pathways, the best option is to go for bollards or outdoor garden lights to provide optimum illumination at all times. Garden lights will not only complement the theme of your outdoor area but also add security to the space even when you decide to have some late-night sessions in your outdoor lounge, an outdoor deck or just your garden.

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You can also go for lighting designs to highlight the exterior of your home this season by going for outdoor wall lights, cove lighting, or concealed lighting but remember to keep it subtle and not too loud.


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