Pros and Cons to Getting an iPhone 12 

 April 22, 2022

Pros and Cons to Getting an iPhone 12

When it comes to making a purchase decision, or any decision really, there’s almost no tool more trusted than a good old fashioned pros and cons list. These lists help even the most indecisive of people make well-informed decisions with logic and rationale. This certainly adds to their utility and makes them a great resource for someone on the fence. Whether it’s car shopping, or smartphone shopping, a pros and con list can help anyone make the decision best suited for them.

People are using smartphones in all sorts of creative and innovative ways. As such, there’s a number of reasons someone might be interested in purchasing an Iphone 12. If that’s where you find yourself, you’ve come to the right place for an overview of the pros and cons of purchasing an iPhone 12 Red Pocket Mobile, or any other vendor offers.

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Pro: The Cameras and OLED Screen

One of the best features that the iPhone 12 boasts is the vibrant and brilliant OLED screen. This is one of the best screens on the market, and one of the first phones in the iPhone series to include one. This brings out a stunning display that’s perfect for gamers, streamers, and web-surfers alike. The screen offers a crisp and sharp viewing experience that leaves the user saying ‘wow’.

Not only all of this, but the screen is such a high resolution that the viewer won’t be able to distinguish between different pixels on the phone making it a truly awesome visual experience.

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While the OLED screen is a major improvement from an LCD screen, there is one drawback. In certain instances there have been issues with screen-burn. For example, if a user were to use Apple Maps for an over-extended period of time, there is a chance that a permanent watermark of that app will burn itself into the back of the screen. 

Con: Just a Slightly Older Version

While the iPhone 12 offers plenty of sophisticated features that make it a very viable smartphone in today’s marketplace, it is already an outdated version. The iPhone 13 was released in September of 2021, and there will likely be another updated version being released near the end of 2022, or in early 2023. This is no surprise, as anyone shopping for an iPhone 12 is likely already aware of the family tree and where it’s branched off to since. In other words, an iPhone 12 is slightly older, and will continue to be dated by future releases, but it still holds its own weight against the competition, and offers features that make it a perfectly functional smartphone for the next 4-5 years at least.

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The rate at which technology is advancing allows brands to continually upgrade and release new versions of pre-existing technology. For example, one of the major differences between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13 is in the cameras. While the iPhone 12 (especially the iPhone 12 max pro) is equipped with really great cameras, the iPhone 13 took the camera software to a whole new level. By integrating a switch-focus feature, the iPhone 13 is capable of recording a video and switching the point-of-focus mid-recording session.

This is an awesome feature for phone filmmakers and content creators, and is a pretty large leap forward in smartphone camera capability.

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Pro: Slightly Less Expensive

On the flip side of being a slightly older version, this is also a benefit to the iPhone 12. Because it’s slightly outdated already, the sticker-price on an iPhone 12 should be more manageable for the average consumer than on a brand-new iPhone 13 that was just released at the end of 2021.

While the iPhone 12 is slightly less expensive than jumping aboard the iPhone 13 ship, it should be noted that there are other much cheaper smartphone options available for the bargain hunter and budget conscious. Though, with the sophisticated features of a high-performing smartphone, and only being one generation old, it could make sense to choose an iPhone 12 over an iPhone 13 and save a little bit of cash in the process.

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Con: No Reverse Charging

Finally, one last con of the iPhone 12 is that it doesn’t come with any reverse-charging or power-sharing capability. In other words, if your headphones die in the middle of a jam-session, your iPhone 12 won’t be able to power them back on with its own battery. This is a really convenient feature for those who are constantly on the go, and don’t want to worry about their auxiliary devices running out of charge in the middle of a busy week.

While the iPhone 12 can’t perform reverse charging, it is equipped for wireless charging on a pad.

Recapping Pros and Cons of getting an iPhone 12

No matter why you’re in the market for a new smartphone, an iPhone 12 could be the perfect fit for your budget and your needs. It’s packed full of great features, and is currently only one generation behind, making it a great choice for someone looking to upgrade, without splurging on an iPhone 13.

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