Official Twitter App Reaches iPhone 

 April 24, 2010

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The official Twitter iPhone app is coming, and if you’re in New Zealand as of this writing it’s already here. Dubbed 3.0 in honor of its Tweetie heritage (Twitter acquired Atebits, the maker of Tweetie, back in April), the new app is a turbocharged version of the already great looking Tweetie app.

As promised, the app is free (Tweetie was $2.99) and it allows users to sign up for new accounts within the application, taking them through a sign up experience that matches the online interface right down to the suggested user list. Search has also improved within the app, with new geolocation capabilities and the ability to browse tweets without an account. The retweet button has also moved to a point of more prominence, and people with multiple accounts can rejoice because Twitter supports that too.

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As for the release of the app around the rest of the world, estimates say its to be expected anywhere from minutes away to as far off as this evening.


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