Is a course in audio engineering worth it from an Audio school? 

 May 10, 2022

Is a course in audio engineering worth it from an Audio school?

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in audio engineering and unsure if attending an audio school is worthwhile? We will provide you with some top compelling reasons to get into an audio school.

While you do not require an academic qualification to land some jobs, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report reveals most audio engineers have an Audio and Video Post-production degree. Pursuing an Audio and Video Production degree or certificate goes a long way. The degree provides a plethora of benefits and wide range age of advantages in the line of work. So, let’s jump right into the job outlook to understand how attending an audio school can benefit your career.

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Job outlook for Audio Engineers

Going to an audio school will be the best decision for your career. The demand for trained audio engineers is significantly high. According to myFUTURE.com, the overall employment of broadcast, sound, and video engineers is expected to increase by 21 percent between 2020 and 2030, must faster than the average for other occupations.

The data further shows that about 18,000 openings for broadcast, sound, and video engineers are projected each year over the decade. Therefore, opting for an Audio and Video Production degree can help you land several well-paying jobs in the audio engineering field, such as Video Editor, Assistant Editor, Sound Editor, Post Supervisor, Post-Production Supervisor, Coordinator, Foley Artist, Color Correction and Grading Artist, and Digital Overlay Graphic Designer.

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How attending an audio school can benefit you?

Audio engineering is a proven pathway to a promising career. From fulfilling your passion to helping you make a living, the Audio and Video Production degree allows you to achieve all your aspirations in an exciting manner. Now, let’s focus on the reasons for making an audio school worthwhile.

1. Hands-on experience

Audio schools prepare you for the real world by equipping you with all the skills and knowledge you require to thrive in the post-production industry. The audio school offers tailored Audio and Video Production degrees to provide high-specialized, practical training to help you become proficient in all aspects of the discipline.

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2. Networking opportunities

Forging links with people are crucial when working in the entertainment industry. Audio schools are the best place to connect with tutors, classmates, and industry experts. Like-minded people will help you succeed in your career.

3. Boosts employability

Experts say that individuals with any type of degree have more employment chances than those without one. As the demand for audio engineers rises, obtaining an audio production degree can boost your chances of getting employed quickly.

4. Gains solid grounding in audio production

Getting into an audio school develops a broad range of skills in the post-production stage. You will gain a deep understanding of the core principles and practices of the post-production industry and the most commonly used software programs.

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Now that you understand how attending an audio school can benefit your career, apply for the course in Canada’s leading audio school based in Toronto. Enroll now!


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