How to Track the Real-Time Location of Your Kids in 2022 

 April 18, 2022

How to Track the Real-time Location of Your Kids in 2022


Social media is undoubtedly a great platform to keep in touch with family and friends in the present era. But sometimes becomes a nuisance, especially with children, as they are exposed to the real world early. Being a part of our lives, mobile phones have their equal share of cons as your child may be exposed to things they are not supposed to know at their age. As a result, you cannot control their activities. During such extreme situations, it becomes necessary for the parent to keep on track with their children. Famisafe, launched by Wondershare, is the best phone tracking app where you can track your child’s location.

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Keep a check on your Child

The sudden rush of the Covid-19 has bought the mobile phones into kids’ hands. The reason is online classes. But what happens after that. If parents don’t keep an eye on your kids’ online activities, they can easily access to unsuitable content on the Internet, or face cyberbullying, and sexual content. With the help of the Famisafe App, you can track their live location and check location history, phone activities, and limit screen time on mobile devices.Hence, you can develop safe and healthy digital habits for your child.


Check how you can Keep your Kids Safe from Online Activities?

Children are curious to explore the web world and, in the process, end up with all the inappropriate content that is not at all useful to them at such a tender age. With Famisafe App, parents can keep track of the real-time location of their child and can also check the contents that they have been through during the day. It is a useful mobile location tracker and helps track the scopes your child is browsing. In addition, parents can now create automatic alerts on their phones whenever their child is exposed to inappropriate content on the net. You can also use parental controls on their phone to not browse any other content apart from the required ones for their knowledge.

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Step-by-Step Guide on Famisafe

Famisafe App is a safe way to keep track of your child’s activities. It has one of the best GPS cell phone tracker systems. It is easy and user-friendly. Firstly, you can install it on your phone and sync it with your child’s phone without their knowledge. So, wherever your child is going, you will be able to track them. The installation of the Famisafe App is easy. Following are the guidelines below:

  • Download Famisafe from Google Play or the App Store on your phone and Famisafe Jr on your kids’.
  • Register with your email address and log in with Google ID, FaceBook, Apple ID, etc.
  • Pair your child’s phone to your device with pairing code.
  • Complete the setup by granting Famisafe access to your kid’s phone. You will get alerts and notifications whenever your child carries on any unforeseen activities.  Also, check their phone activities on the dashboard.
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Benefits of Parental Control App

With the advent of online classes, students are exposed to the digital world. But unfortunately, they are wooed towards websites that are not suitable. Hence the need to control their online activity is of utmost importance. Check how Famisafe can help:

  • Cyberbullying is quickly becoming an annoyance for internet users. Therefore, parents must know what their children are going through. With the help of the parental control app, you can track the web activities of your children.
  • Parental control App allows parents to block explicit content on their child’s phone. In addition, you can easily filter the contents on your child’s phone and keep track of what he is consuming.
  • The advent of online games dramatically affects your child’s mental ability as they become addicted. The Parental Control App gives you the option to control your child’s viewing time on their phone.
  • It provides a practical way for parents to monitor their child’s web activities. It gives them peace of mind and hence, can direct their mind in their work.
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The Pricing and Plans

Famisafe is free to try before you commit to purchasing any plans. Once you are satisfied with the App, you can buy it. There are various subscriptions available according to your budget. For example, you can buy the monthly plan or opt for Quarterly or Annual. The best option is to go for the annual subscription as you will not have a headache renewing it every month. Instead, pay once and enjoy its features throughout the year. The monthly subscription is like re-charging your Pre-paid phone. You can cancel at any time. Hence, it is entirely upon your discretion about the choice of subscription. Once you purchase it, you will be amazed at its extraordinary features. You will be at ease as Famisafe is a perfect cell phone tracker. You will be able to control your child’s activities and make them digitally disciplined.

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Though the Internet has made our lives easier, it has its threats also. For example, your child may be exposed to unnecessary web activities and explicit content. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to control your child’s online activities as a parent. Famisafe from WonderShare has come up at the right time, giving the parents the much-required relief. They can now concentrate on their work without worrying about their web activities or their whereabouts as anything unusual will signal the parents instantly on their phone.


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