How To Get Ready For Your First Summer Festival 

 April 25, 2022


School’s out and your long awaited summer vacation is in full swing! How are you planning on spending your days? Most students are taking advantage of outdoor concerts and festivals thanks to warm and sunny weather. First-time festival attendees may feel overwhelmed by the welcoming chaos, the sights, and sounds, but there are a few things you can do in order to prepare for your big event!


Checklist Of Things To Bring


*Basic toiletries that you may need such as sunscreen, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and anything else.


*Laundry bags to keep your worn or wet clothes in.



*A first aid kit in case of any accidents.


*Foodstuffs such as snacks and drinks, but especially bottled water.


*A portable phone charger that works anywhere.


*A waterproof bag to keep your phone, electronics, and other valuables safe.


*An easy-to-pitch tent as well as a label or flag to mark your location.


*Earplugs in case the music gets too loud.


*Contraceptives to ensure sexual wellness.


*A change of clothes should you need to dry your current ones, or you end up staying longer.


Attending a music festival means that you will stick around during all kinds of weather. Usually, at nighttime, temperatures will start to dip and a warmer jacket or sweater can help combat the chill. It’s also advisable to pack a poncho in case it rains or it gets muddy outside. Not only are ponchos waterproof, but they are lightweight enough to carry and provide adequate protection against the elements.


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Plan Ahead For The Festival!


Before you go on your trip, make sure you adequately plan ahead by preparing your outfits. Not only is it fun to create different fashionable outfits, but you can eliminate the guesswork that goes into packing for your first festival. Bring along chemical glow in the dark product for parties and more.


It’s crucial to keep your ticket in a safe place where you can access it at all times. Not having a ticket means you’ll get denied entry, so keep it safe! Also pack plenty of cash as you’ll need to have money if you’re planning on buying any snacks, food or drinks during the event. Lastly, always have a valid ID with you at all times in a place where no pickpockets can gain access.


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Stay on top of things by familiarizing yourself with a map of the festival grounds and the amenities. Knowing where the restrooms are, concession stands, and when the concert starts can help prevent the misfortune of arriving late.



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