How do I make a monogram online 

 June 29, 2022

In their daily lives, many people were at times greeted with gorgeously intertwined letters. Sometimes, they are embellished with ornaments, monograms. Have you ever wondered what exactly is a monogram and what’s the story of this symbol for the highest-ranking monarchs and high-ranking individuals? Here, we’ll describe what a monogram can be and offer some suggestions on how to design one. On the Turbologo website, you can see some examples of logos with monograms.

What is a monogram?

What exactly is what is a “monogram”, what is the meaning of the term itself? The basic idea behind this emblem is revealed by its title, and is derived from Greek roots mono – one the letter gramma. This is why it was initially an elegantly designed one-letter representing the name of the family or the initials of the owner.

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With time as time passed, additional alphabets were added to design and writing of the monogram. They stood side-by-side or interspersed. They discussed family ties as well as the initial letters of the name and the surname of the spouse or husband, or the initials of the owner were added to the symbol. Nowadays, an emblem isn’t just made of letters. The monogram is comprised of a range of symbols, signs, and decorations.

How do you create an online monogram

Logo by Gert van Duinen


Monograms can be created online for free with the help of special services. You can also make use of the monogram template for logos available from Turbologo. These are the most well-known options for designing logos:

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It is a construction tool which is available for free. You just need to enter the content, and then choose one template. Additionally, you can select suitable colors. When you’ve got your monogram ready all you have to do is download it, and then share the design with social networks.


The service provides 19 designs, thanks to which you’ll be given the chance to design your own monogram online. It is necessary to write your initials and mark their location. Additionally when you are developing your design you are able to choose any shade within the selection that is offered by the service.

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Tips to Design Monograms

Logo by Gert van Duinen


When you compose a monogram it is important to adhere to certain guidelines to ensure that it doesn’t turn into one. The complexities of the design is not overly saturated with interwoven designs of every kind and not be overloaded by additional motives. The monogram alphabet is depicted by two ways: Cyrillic or Latin. Monograms that are original and discrete are typically embossed on collars and cuffs. They usually come in black and blue colors.

What are the guidelines to adhere to when designing monograms? In the first place, it is important to choose the person for whom it’s to be given: a man or woman, a couple who are married or the child.

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Then, you are able to begin to design and simultaneously take into consideration the following aspects:

  • It is read in reverse from right to left, and starting from the top and ending at bottom.
  • It is common that men use capital letters.
  • Monograms for women, as the ones designed for couples, are typically designed in capital letters. The use of calligraphic fonts is also common in these instances;
  • The female monogram can consist of three letters such as patronymic, first name and last name, they are placed in the following sequence: first name – small, the second is big last name third is small – patronymic
  • When the monogram comprised consisting of two letters that represent the surname and the name in this case, the letters have to be the same size.
  • A symbol for a child should include a letter.
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A Few More Monogram Design Tips

Logo by Kakha Kakhadzen

Find a fantastic font

This style of logo needs careful consideration of the font you pick. A monogram is a set of letters that are a result of letters, so you must select a font that represents the brand’s personality and connects with your customers.

How do I begin the process of selecting a font for my monogram? Answer these questions:

  • The name of the business can be abbreviated?
  • What is the maximum number of letters I need to use?
  • How can I utilize my monogram? And where will it be seen by others?

Once you have answered these questions, begin experimenting! Do you want to create an elegant, thoughtful appearance? Try cursive. Are you looking for something traditional and elegant? Check out serif fonts.

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Don’t be afraid to experiment with typesetters, or even experiment with handwriting. Take as many different options that you are able to until you have an image you’re satisfied with.

Give your personality a boost

With a two or three-letter monogram, you are able to change the look of the persona.

Consider the well-known professional tennis player Roger Federer, for example. The monogram he uses for his personal branding is his initials, however certain letters are absent which leaves our brains to complete the picture.

Monogrammes with only one letter are definitely the most challenging monograms to make. Making a single letter strong enough to function by itself isn’t simple however it is accomplished.

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For instance, one of the most well-known logos ever created is McDonald’s. McDonald’s logo. The”M” is the letter “M” was designed by designer Jim Schindler.

Choose your color wisely

There’s less to be more when it comes to designing monogram logos. Be sure to limit the amount of colors and make sure you use less than two colors.

Black is among the sought-after color particularly in the fashion world, since it’s simple and versatile. With white, it’s ideal for working.

Mejuri is a jewelry brand. Mejuri has chosen to use to use the letter “M”, enclosed in the black circle. The brand also has gold color variation on certain of its marketing products.

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Blue and red are frequently employed in monogram designs either in conjunction with one another. While red is associated with energy and excitement Blue conveys a sense of security and trust. Most companies stick to only one color. If a company employs two colors typically, it’s the brand’s trademark colors.

Play around with layout and shape

Monograms, of course, are mostly letters, however shape plays an important aspect in their overall design. It is all about the location of the letters that are used within the monogram.

The most popular design is horizontal, with letters that are overlapping, creating a traditional rectangular shape. Fashion brand with a high-end style Yves Saint Laurent has moved away from this pattern by placing its YSL initials vertically in position.

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That’s all! We wish you good luck in designing your monogram!

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