Home Buying Guide: Custom vs. Production Builds 

 March 22, 2022


Did you know that over 760,000 new U.S. homes sold in 2021? The supply of new homes also reached a 13 year high during 2021.

Are you considering buying a new home? Have you decided between a new production home or a custom built home? It can be a tough decision because both options have great benefits.

The following home buying guide will explore the advantages and disadvantages of each housing type. Read on and discover which type of new home is right for you.

What Is a Production Home?

Production home builders buy large plots of land to develop communities. Because they own the land they build on, they usually decide on the style and layout of the community. 

These builders have a say in different community amenities like trails and playgrounds. They might also choose to build their communities near things like schools and shopping areas.

Benefits of a Production Home

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Production homes come with fixed prices because the builders create the same home repeatedly. Builders can give an almost exact cost so that you can plan more efficiently.

Production home builders usually select the same contractors and negotiate the best deals. This lowers prices for supplies and services to save the buyer money.

Production builders have tight schedules to meet and homes get built quickly. The predetermined plans make the process much faster than custom builds.

Cons of a Production Home

Using existing plans means that your home won’t be one-of-a-kind. In fact, there may be homes in your community with a similar or the exact same layout.

Customizations are limited and you won’t be able to adjust the size of rooms and other fixtures freely. Things like carpet, tile, and counters usually have limited pre-chosen options.

What Is a Custom Built Home?

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A custom-built home is a unique house designed for a client and for a specific location. A custom home builder often uses an architect or home designer’s plans with client input.

Typically, custom homes get built on land already owned by the home buyer. However, some developers lots solely for the construction of custom built homes. 

Benefits of a Custom Home

Custom homes are truly one of a kind and get built to meet your specific needs. Buyers have full say over room sizes and pictures throughout the home.

Custom home builders collaborate with buyers and let them have input throughout the build. Buyers can even visit the construction site and make changes on the fly if needed.

Cons of a Custom Home

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Custom homes take longer to build because there are added decisions to make. Contractors are also used on an as-needed basis which sometimes causes delays.

Custom builders don’t negotiate bulk pricing with contractors which makes costs less predictable. While infinite choices are a perk for some, they might be overwhelming for others.

Remember This Home Buying Guide

Now you know that production homes are quite different from custom homes. Remember this home buying guide and consider your budget and schedule.

Custom homes are great if you have the time and money and want a more unique home. However, production homes offer a more affordable and seamless building process.

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