“Discover the Musical Genius of Blake Mills: From Session Guitarist to Enigmatic Solo Artist” 

 April 23, 2023

Discover the Musical Genius of Blake Mills: From Session Guitarist to Enigmatic Solo Artist

Think of the guitar, and perhaps the first names that come to mind are Jimi Hendrix, Clapton, or Santana. But if you’re a music connoisseur, there’s a new name in town – Blake Mills. A soulful solo artist who has established himself as one of the most innovative and authentic guitarists of his generation.

Blake Mills has contributed his raw talent to the works of various artists and bands. He was a session guitarist for legends like Bob Dylan and Neil Diamond. He helped John Legend produce his acclaimed 2013 album ‘Love in the Future.’ He also supported the Alabama Shakes and Fiona Apple in some of their studio recordings.

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However, Mills’ personal works are where his true wizardry lies. His guitar playing is an interesting mix of blues, jazz, rock, and soul, with his unique vocals amplifying the emotional and evocative overtones of his music.

If you are not familiar with Blake Mills yet, let this post be your guide to discovering one of the most skilled and enigmatic musicians of our time.

Where It All Began: Blake Mills’ Early Years

Mills was born in Santa Monica, California, in 1986. Growing up, he was influenced by the music of his parents, who both had a taste for classic rock and blues. At the age of eleven, Mills got his first guitar, and by fourteen, he started performing with bands.

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Blake Mills moved to Los Angeles to study music at the Fairfax High School’s Performing Arts Program. He got his big break playing with Julian Casablancas, The Strokes’ lead singer. In 2010, he formed the trio Simon Dawes with Taylor Goldsmith and Will Buckholz.

The Soulful Sound of Blake Mills’ Music

Blake Mills’ music is a blend of various styles with a whole new twist. Each of his tracks oozes emotions and creates an undeniable connection with the listeners. He has the ability to take the listeners on a melodic journey. Some of his most popular songs include “Don’t Tell Our Friends About Me,” an emotional ballad, and “If I’m Unworthy,” a tribute to true love.

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Blake Mills’ Signature Guitar Style

“Blake Mills has the rare gift of blending creative virtuosity with aesthetic simplicity.” – Joe Henry.

Blake Mills’ guitar playing style has a raw edge, a hint of blues, and a touch of jazz. He likes the feeling of imperfection in his sound and improvises frequently in his live performances. Mills has a personal guitar collection, ranging from vintage acoustic guitars to modern electrics, which he uses to create his unique sound.

The Collaborations that Shaped Blake Mills’ Career

Blake Mills has worked with some of the most significant figures in the music industry throughout his career. He has collaborated with legends like Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and Fiona Apple. He got to work as a producer on Alabama Shakes’ album, ‘Sound and Color. ‘ He has also created a powerful impact in collaborations with other musicians such as, Dawes, Lucinda Williams, and John Legend.

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The Solo Albums of Blake Mills

Blake Mills has released several solo albums, which showcase his individuality and raw talent. His debut album, “Break Mirrors” was released in 2010, followed by “Heigh Ho” in 2014. In 2018, he released “Look”Inlook,” his most recent album to date. His solo albums give listeners a sense of his emotional and musical depth and highlight his exceptional guitar skills.


Q1. What distinguishes Blake Mills from other guitarists?

Blake Mills’ music is a unique blend of blues, jazz, rock, and soul, which he blends together with his signature raw-edged guitar style. His improvisational style helps him stand apart from the crowd.

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Q2. Who are some of Blake Mills’ frequent collaborators?

Blake Mills has collaborated with Bob Dylan, Fiona Apple, Alabama Shakes, Dawes, and John Legend, among others.

Q3. What inspired Blake Mills to pursue a career in music?

Blake Mills’ parent’s musical influence, his education at Fairfax High School’s Performing Arts Program, and performing with Julian Casablancas inspired him to pursue a career in music.

Q4. Does Blake Mills perform live?

Yes, Blake Mills performs live and has toured with his band worldwide.

Q5. What is the signature guitar style of Blake Mills?

Blake Mills’ guitar style has a raw edge influenced by the blues and jazz music he grew up listening to.

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Q6. What is the emotional connect the listeners have to Blake Mills’ music?

Blake Mills’ music has an immense emotional connection due to its evocative and soulful overtones.

Q7. Where can one listen to Blake Mills’ music?

Blake Mills’ music is available on all major music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc.


Blake Mills is a rare gem in the music industry; his work exudes passion and authenticity. Known for his soulful, bluesy sound and raw-edged guitar style, Mills has made his mark as a guitar virtuoso. In his solo works and collaborations, Mills has forged a unique sound that resonates with listeners and is sure to make him one of the most influential musicians of our time. So, if you haven’t yet, listen to his music. Experience the magic of Blake Mills and discover a new world of soulful music.

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