Common Employee Recognition Mistakes You Should Avoid 

 August 13, 2022

You may make it a point to recognize your employees with awards and bonuses as a way to make them feel appreciated and valued. Although employee recognition is a key part of increasing your company’s morale and earning your employees’ trust, there are still mistakes that you may make. If you want to avoid having your employee recognition efforts fall flat, there are a few mistakes to steer clear of as you show your appreciation for your team members.

Only Hosting Annual Awards

Many companies only recognize their employees once a year, whether it’s at a company picnic or a Christmas party. Although your team may appreciate the public recognition, it won’t be enough to keep them motivated to continue working hard year-round. Keep in mind that you don’t have to only recognize your employee’s largest accomplishments each year. You can also take the time to integrate employee recognition each quarter, which is something your team can look forward to and will be consistent enough to boost their morale.

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Failing to Make Recognition Visible

Recognizing your employees behind closed doors won’t make as much of an impact compared to recognizing them publically. This can affect the culture of your company and can cause employees to lack motivation if their peers don’t realize how hard they’ve worked to contribute to the company. This requires shout-outs on social media, bonus programs, and even handing out employee of the month plaques that can be displayed within the workplace. This will also motivate other employees to work hard to ensure they’re also recognized.

Leaving Employees Out

Your employee recognition efforts can quickly backfire if you fail to reward all of your employees for their hard work. Leaving some of your employees out will cause them to feel undervalued and can make them feel like they’re not doing enough. This can cause them to put less effort into the company and will even cause them to feel alienated from the team. It’s important to find the time to recognize each of your employees at different times of the year to maintain a close-knit team that feels loyal to your company and allows everyone to be valued.

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Only Rewarding Performance

Employers also make the mistake of only rewarding performance with the awards they distribute. This can make your employees think that you only want them to produce excellent results or increase their sales rather than also having other qualities like consistency in performance, teamwork, and integrity.

Make it a point to recognize other skills that your employees have developed over time to ensure they have a clear picture of what you value. This is an effective way of increasing the morale of the workplace and allowing your employees to feel appreciated for their traits.

Failing to Personalize Awards

If you fail to personalize the plaques or awards that you hand out to your employees, they won’t feel like you took the time to truly thank them. Plaques or awards that are purchased in large quantities and don’t have any specific details will have less of an impact and can cause your employees to feel like numbers within the organization. Similarly, giving your employees the same reward will make it feel like you didn’t put much effort into recognizing their hard work.

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Failing to Define Your Objectives

If you fail to communicate what you expect from your employees, it can make it difficult for them to know how to work hard and make you satisfied with their work performance. It can lead to confusion and cause them to become disappointed when some of their efforts aren’t recognized when you start to hand out awards. From the beginning, it’s important to outline all of your goals to ensure they understand what you expect and can start working hard to improve different aspects of their performance.

Once you understand the top employee recognition mistakes to avoid, it’ll help you to strengthen your efforts and satisfy your team. Your employee recognition efforts will have more of an impact and will allow you to develop a stronger team.

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