Beats Smartphone and Other Rumored Offerings 

 July 27, 2012

beats smartphone

beats smartphoneBeats Audio has made a name for itself in the world of music from its headphones to its audio technology that has been implemented into laptops and smartphones. They actually ended up getting invested in by HTC who has used the technology in some of their phones.

Now Beats is reportedly trying to aggressively expand to other areas of consumer electronics. One of the areas reportedly being worked on is a Beats smartphone. How would this be different from previous phones with Beats technology? Well instead of it being an HTC phone with Beats technology, the phone would have the Beats branding and just be manufactured by HTC.

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This could coincide with other initiatives being taken by the company. Rumors points to Beats audio creating their own online music offering to challenge iTunes. They may also be making a Beats TV with Samsung as the rumored partner.

This is a somewhat risky move since a large part of it depends on whether Beats’ consumer base will move towards the new offerings like a Beats smartphone. Personally I don’t see it happening when there is such stiff competition from the likes of Apple, Google, and Amazon. Although if there is one thing that Beats Audio will have as an advantage it is that getting record companies on board for content should be easy.

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