AT&T Raising Early Termination Fee For Smartphone Owners 

 April 11, 2010

iphoneIf you decide you want to trade your iPhone in for an Android or any phone on another carrier before your 2-year contract is up, you better be ready to shell out some major cash. AT&T has announced plans to raise the early termination fee for smartphone owners from $175 to a whopping $325 starting June 1st. The raised ETF (early termination fee) will only apply to contracts that start after June 1st, and is thought to be an attempt on AT&Ts part to retain smartphone customers who might otherwise leave the carrier for a different handset. In an open letter to its customers AT&T explained the change:

“For customers who enter into new two-year service agreements in connection with the purchase of our more advanced, higher end devices, including netbooks and smartphones, the ETF will increase to $325, and be reduced by $10 for each month that you remain with us as a customer during the balance of your two-year service agreement. After that, the ETF will no longer apply.”

While $325 is quite the price tag to leave the carrier, it is $25 less than rival Verizon currently changes smartphone customers who choose to break their contracts.

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Would an increased fee keep you from jumping ship on AT&T if better technology was available elsewhere?


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