Apple Hits Viral Video Chart, Google Nowhere to Be Found 

 April 15, 2010


ipad_wallpaper24In just one week Apple’s What is iPad commercial jumped to the number four spot on Ad Age’s Viral Video Chart. With 929,681 counted views in the past week, it edged ahead of the seemingly ubiquitous Old Spice videos that may have inundated your inbox for the past few weeks.

Where, though, is Google? Two weeks ago the Google Chrome Speed Tests video debuted at the top of the charts but disappeared from the list completely in the same week that Google hosted I/O.

At first glance it looks like Apple is winning viral video, but their 929,681 view count looks pretty paltry in comparison to the 1,863,270 plays Google clocked in its first week on the charts. And so the battle continues.

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