7 Healthy Habits of Healthy Nurses 

 April 20, 2022


Having a positive mindset and a healthy body is very difficult in nursing. A nurse’s unhealthy lifestyle affects them and the people around them, including patients, their kins, and the medical team. Although being the backbone of healthcare, most nurses experience a stressful routine. Their days are longer, with very few breaks and absolutely no margin for error or lethargy. To deal with this, nurses need to remain healthy to provide the finest care to others. We encourage you to follow these healthy habits of the most efficient nurses working in the healthcare system globally. These will play a role in easing emotional and physical stress and help you to provide quality services in our healthcare and make your personal life better. 

Make a Fitness Routine

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Your physical health is the most significant thing in the nursing career. An ill, sluggish, or tired nurse cannot provide the care and support to their team and patients. For this, take out a couple of hours of your routine to exercise and attain physical fitness. You can join a gym nearby your house or the workplace or use the machines elsewhere. Do different types of exercises but not too much to prevent straining. You can jog or walk in the morning and evening or after work. Mental and physical exercise can be done before or after work. In contrast, yoga is also known to be a stress reliever. 

Learn Time Management

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Earning a professional degree is very different from practical work. You learn many new tactics that were not taught during the degree to succeed in the nursing career. However, time management is a critical aspect for nurses. Suppose you are thinking of pursuing your BSN degree. In that case, e-learning can be a viable option. Online degrees will help you to manage your work and studies at the same time. You can also seek some professional tips for earning your nursing degree online

A successful nurse has their schedule sorted out. They know how to complete their work hours, get home quickly without compromising their work, and live a healthy lifestyle. You should get to work on time, perform the assignments timely, don’t keep any task pending, and don’t spend extra hours if not necessary. To lead a healthy professional and personal life, eat your meals on time, meet your family and friends, take a vacation, do exercises, and sleep 6-7 hours daily. 

See a doctor regularly

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A healthy nurse has the habit of visiting the doctors for regular checkups. A doctor can help you understand and diagnose any unusual things or symptoms you face. Even if you are a nurse and know a lot about medical care, self-diagnosis is a threat to yourself. You cannot be overconfident in a nursing job while receiving a diagnosis, neither for your patients nor yourself. Also, if you feel something is wrong with yourself, follow your advice on seeing a doctor rather than starting medications without a checkup. That will also help with your peace of mind as you will be assured that everything is alright. 

Never Miss Your Breakfast

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Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day for everyone, especially the healthcare workers. You should always take some time to eat peacefully while sitting down and enjoying your time. Your breakfast must include fresh juices, oats, whole grains, and anything with real protein. You must not take any junk foods in your first meal of the day, like french fries, burgers, pizza, or coke. It helps keep your body active throughout the day, both physically and mentally. Even if you miss the next meal or don’t take snacks, a healthy breakfast can provide sufficient nutrients for a great part of your day. 

Stay Hydrated

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Being healthy demands staying hydrated! In a nursing career, when you are exhausted, water – along with satisfying thirst – gives unique energy and prevents the constant urge of snacking or eating meals. It also cleans your stomach and lungs, thus helping in keeping your body healthy. You must drink a minimum of 6-8 glasses of water daily and try to carry a water bottle with you if allowed at the workplace. You can set reminders or download applications on your phones to help with this. You must remember to drink water in every break, short or small. It may cause you to visit the restroom more often, but keeping your organs healthy is the primary concern here.  

Prepare Your Meals

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Whether at home or the workplace, do not eat any meal from outside. The key to staying healthy is eating healthy, which requires you to ensure that whatever you eat is clean and has enough nutrients. Take three meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and prepare a plan for each. Also, it would be best if you try to eat fresh food and avoid frozen products. Your meals must contain lean protein – in meat, eggs, tofu, or seeds – milk or yogurt, grains, vegetables, and fruits. A healthy meal can keep you energetic and help you deal with a stressful routine. It also increases your immunity and strength to fight against any probable infectious or other diseases. At work or outside, avoid buying things from the vending machine, resist accepting food from others, and have your protein bars with you at work. 

Breathe Fresh Air

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Fresh air dilates your airways and cleanses your lungs without the help of any devices, medications, or procedures. It can also increase the levels of serotonin which makes you happy. Another benefit is that fresh air gives energy to the body and can make your mind sharp, which is important in effective thinking and communication. Doctors also recommend inhaling fresh air after some time, strengthening your immune system. During the COVID outbreak in China, over half of the affected healthcare were nurses, i.e., 52% of patients. Since nurses have more patient contact periods, they are exposed to many viruses, bacteria, and infections. Inhaling fresh air can be a natural way of boosting their immunity. After every couple of hours, you must go out to give your body the free treat of fresh air. 

Final Thoughts

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Nursing often becomes so hectic and tense that you often forget your health and needs. Due to this, your emotional health starts weighing you down, and you start getting physically unhealthy. You need to realize that you can only excel in the nursing career and provide the best care if you are healthy. We know that following these tips might become impossible mostly, but starting one thing at a time can show some seriously positive changes for you.



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